Protect Your Nursing Dog

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While this particular “nursing relationship” is not the norm, it holds true that if you have a nursing dog then she will need to maintain perfect health if the pups (or, in this case…kittens) are to grow strong from her milk.  Proper nutrition is very important to lactating dogs in order to recuperate from the birthing process as well as to maintain the energy needed to nurse and take care of several  demanding and hungry puppies. 

Healthy milk production in nursing dogs is vitally important to sustain the puppies and give them a healthy start in life.   Since they are not eating solid foods early on in life, their mother’s milk is their sole source of nutrition.  

Very often, lactating dogs have difficulty producing a  consistent, healthy flow of milk.   Your mother dog, for various reasons, may not be producing the highest quality milk that she  can.  Although you will not be able to tell at the time, problems can manifest themself later in the puppies’ lives. Just like human babies who are not given adequate nutrition from the beginning of their lives, dogs can also suffer the eventual consequences of poor nutrition.

LacToll is an all natural remedy that supports health milk product in lactating dogs and cats. It helps to maintain a good flow of milk and is also a digestive tonic as it supports healthy bowel movements. After a dog has pups LacToll can provide a tonic for her.

Colostrum and milk product in nursing dogs can be draining for your female dog. She may experience some lethargy and digestive problems. Taking prescription medications at this time is highly risky as they will be passed on to the tiny puppies that simply can not handle such harsh chemicals. Instead, opt for an all natural way of maintaining your female dog’s health.

LacToll is by far the best herbal product for nursing dogs. It contains 100% natural ingredients such as:

- Saw Palmetto
- Cleavers: a cleansing tonic herb that also acts as a lymphatic cleanser and blood purifier. Can help with glandular health and assist with the functions of the bladder and urinary tract: something that absolutely vital for lactating dogs.
- Echinacea Purpurea: Helps the immune system and is well documented as a natural ingredient
- Baryta Carb (30C): helps the health of the urinary tract

Investing in your nursing dog and her puppies at this stage of their lives will result in happy healthy pups all around!

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